A translator of legal texts should not only have a conscious command of the source language (not to mention the excellent knowledge of the native language!), but must also demonstrate knowledge of the legal systems applicable in the countries of the source language and the target language. Both the Polish legal system, as well as the Belgian and Dutch ones are based on Roman law. On the one hand, this is a certain advantage to the translator. Yet, only on the surface. This does not mean, however, there are no differences. Discrepancies exist at the level of procedures, standards, regulated matters, legal and administrative structures, etc. Dutch and Belgian systems also differ from each other. Therefore, a Dutch translator shall be indeed familiar with as many as three legal systems: Belgian, Dutch and Polish!

As an experienced translator who continually expands her knowledge, I am fully aware of these differences. As a linguist, I know that not every term in the source language has its exact equivalent in the target language.

Considering the above, I approach any legal text in a fair and responsible manner. Thanks to my knowledge, experience and ability to think logically, a lawyer will not have to worry that their client is not understood, or worse, is misunderstood.

I will help any lawyer to ensure smooth communication with clients, which can have a positive impact on further projects and expand the group of contractors.

• CIVIL LAW - civil law contracts, inheritance law (deeds, wills, waiver of inheritance, etc.), family law (marital property agreements, divorce judgments, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, marriage ceremonies. etc.), commercial law (statutes of incorporation, trade registry entries, etc.)
• CRIMINAL LAW - judgments, testimonies, case files, subpoenas, arrest warrants (EAW), extradition requests, etc.
• LABOUR LAW - (temporary) employment contracts, certificates, collective labour agreements for different industries, reports of Dutch Inspectorate SZW, tax returns, etc.
• Correspondence between law firms and clients