The Polish market has been attractive for a long time to foreign investors, who bet on the development of their business at the Vistula River. Poland's economic situation is favourable, as evidenced by numerous analyses and reports. Foreign investors, also from Belgium and the Netherlands, willingly invest their capital in Poland. Poles are also eager to look for business partners in the Netherlands and Flanders. For them to be able to successfully make contact with a potential business partner, it is required to establish good communication based on the knowledge of business culture.

As a conscious translator, I am not only fluent in Dutch and Polish, but I also know the mentality of the Belgians, Dutch and Poles. Knowing of what differs and what connects these nations will help me establish contacts with your future business partners to ensure ongoing interpretation services. Thus, reliability and competence will be an asset to your international business in these regions.

You can also rely on my help in the field of marketing and advertising - I will gladly translate your website, slogan and other promotional materials in a way that will attract the recipient from a different culture, so as to increase the attractiveness of your offer through creative translation.

• Conversations and negotiations
• Websites
• Rules
• Training materials for employees (e.g. food (HACCP) and transportation industries)
• E-mail correspondence and phone calls